45 Seconds: A Personal Reflection

This morning’s news is filled with reports and images of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. How life in Port-au-Prince changed in 45 seconds!

My first prayers have been filled with intercessions to God for the people of Haiti and for those who will rush to help them.

My second prayers, however, have been completely self-centered and filled with gratefulness that my own personal world is safe.

Is this the same for you? Dear God, how terrible, and phew! So glad this didn’t happen to me?

45 seconds.

Real earthquakes [and other disasters] may give those of us on “safe ground” a chance to have a “soulquake”. Crisis often triggers transcendent experiences in people, but what if we didn’t need a crisis to get our lives right? What if we took 45 seconds every day to ask ourselves:

Am I living in God’s will?
Are my relationships right?
Is my life filled with God’s purpose?

45 seconds…can change your life.


2 Responses to 45 Seconds: A Personal Reflection

  1. Tom in Oak Cliff (Dallas) says:

    I live in an ‘earthquake zone’. Most of the kids coming to Logos have one parent, maybe. One is gone somewhere and the other is barely there, although physically present. The kids coming to eat with us have one foot in prison or rehab; just haven’t gotten there yet. No direction. Behavior issues galor. No real sense of someone being present nor understanding where they live inside. To see the same child whom a couple of years ago you were sure was going to be the first to be ‘kicked out of Logos’. To see that same child wanting to sit next to you at dinner and seeing where they can be helpful (cause they saw you doing it day in and day out inside and outside of church) and really understanding that you will stand in the fire with them when they are at their worst; that your faith in Christ is real and put to the test every day. To see those changes and know that child has something Good growing inside themselves they can’t deny. That Christ really loves them and someone attached to Him does, too. To have that child ask one day if you would pray for his friend who’s mother is hurting (cancer, drugs, etc, etc.) or for his grandfather or even himself when he’s sick and can’t be at Logos. Whew! In my prayers I confess that there aren’t words in my language to convey the thanks this covers. Thanks for Logos and what it is doing in these kids’ lives – yes, the little kids but especially the big kids who get to play the part of Table Parents, Worship Skills Leaders and more. We sure never got this growing up and are so blessed to be immersed in this.

  2. Tom, thank you for your heartfelt witness to the effectiveness of LOGOS in the lives of the children—and adults—in your church. Having these strong Christ-centered relationships certainly can help make all of you “earthquake-proof”. Continued blessings on you and all you do!

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