Raising Children Together

May 7, 2009

Hearfelt on TwitterWe know that raising up children to be followers of Christ takes a lot of prayer, focus, and work.  While ultimately parents are the leaders in this endeavor, we also know it takes all of us working together.  So let’s do just that, work together!

That is why Heartfelt,  the extremely popular parenting newsletter from The LOGOS Ministry is now a part of the twitter community.  If you have thoughts, questions,  concerns or ideas about raising kids in today’s world, you can tweet them to @heartfeltparent so we can converse, no matter where we are, about raising children in a Christian home.

In addition, we are setting aside a specific time to talk(tweet) about being parents in today’s world. Let’s share ideas, solutions, and resources and offer each other some support. We will get started on Tuesday evening May 12th from 8 – 9 P.M. (EDT) with a Parents on Twitter event.

During the hour, we will lead a session that gets at the parenting topics that are on your mind…so questions can get answered and connections can be made. Put the kids to bed, make a cup of tea, and jump into the conversation. We’ll tackle the issues 140 characters at a time. Parents on Twitter will occur every Tuesday evening at the same time…make it a priority for yourself and your family!

You can join Heartfelt on Twitter and get real-time support for your efforts as a parent. We pray that @heartfeltparent will become the focal point for a community of Christian parents who want to share both the challenges and solutions associated with raising our kids today.

So what questions and issues do you want to share?  Where are you experiencing great joy in your parenting adventure?  We want to hear from you.

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