President Obama-Prayers and Politics

Barack Obama

Photo coutesy of jmtimages

In light of a new President coming into office, I am reminded once again that as a Christian, I am to pray for those who are in authority.  So at the beginning of President Obama’s time in office I pray.

I pray that President Obama will have the healing presence of Gerald Ford, the gentle compassion of Jimmy Carter, the constant fortitude of Ronald Reagan, the deep faithfulness of George H.W. Bush, the political savvy of Bill Clinton, and the strong convictions of George W. Bush.

I pray that President Obama will have a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a public profession of God’s providence.

As more young people than ever are paying attention to this President, I pray that President Obama will be a model for them that a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ is more important than anything else, even the presidency of the United States of America.

That is my prayer, what is yours?


One Response to President Obama-Prayers and Politics

  1. Curtis says:

    Too often we attack rather than pray for our leaders. Thanks for sharing and being authentic in your decision to support and pray for the authority over you.

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