Now is the Time to Give

November 18, 2008

A long-time philanthropist has an important message for all of us.

Last Friday I had the privilege of attending a luncheon celebrating the Philanthropist of the Year for the poty1south Florida area.  My reason for attending was that a good friend was being recognized as the philanthropist. The TV personality that introduced him during the ceremony indicated she thought she knew all of the key philanthropists in the region, but discovered she didn’t because this one was such a quiet, anonymous giver. She pointed out that he had been actively at work helping people without any desire for personal recognition. A friend, however, decided that the time had come to shine a light on what this man had done as a result of his faith in Christ. The honored philanthropist, Dr. William Frey, has been a long time supporter of The LOGOS Ministry.  In addition, he supports a number of other ministries that share a vision for the future or children.  He has recently established scholarships for all 47 elementary schools in Lee County.  All of this because he loves God, loves young people, and has a gift to share.

In his acceptance speech, instead of the usual list of thanks, Bill observed that in these tough times we need to do all that we can, and use all of the leverage we have, to help young people. It is during times like these that support to them can be cut back, left out,  or even forgotten as we focus on our own needs. On the other hand, he said, it is at times like these that we must stretch ourselves to help the youngest in our midst with the love of Jesus Christ. Bill challenged everyone to do even more because of the tough times.

What a tremendous message for these times and this season.  In today’s economic climate, Bill suggested that we should give even more and with a thankful heart. He reminded us to place our dependence not on ourselves, but on God who is the great provider. This was a courageous message coming from a man whose own financial well- being has been hit very hard by the economic pressures affecting the housing market.

So, that is a challenge that I would like to put forth to you. In these tough times, what can you do even more to help the young people in your midst and offer them the love of Christ?  How can you support them and ministries to young people even more, and place your dependence totally upon God?

It is a tough challenge, but one I believe we need to meet.  Thanks for your words, Bill.