Church and School Grades are Related

For years, The LOGOS Ministry has pointed to the Search Insitutes’s Asset Building as valuable information for preventing at-risk behavior in young people.  One primary reason we have done this is the relationship between healthy young people and church involvement especially when there are cross generational opportunities.  This type of involvement and these relationships help to provide the arena for a healthy outlook on life that diminishes involvement in at-risk behavior.  Recently, we have also referred to the “Hardwired to Connect” study, which came to a similar conclusion as it emphasized the need for authentic communities to foster these relationships.

Now, recent information places a correlation between a student’s grades and church attendance.  A recent study from the University of Notre Dame indicates that students who attend church weekly have a higher GPA than those who never attend and a lower drop out rate.  So why is this?  “The study does not suggest God is smiling on the students, per se. Rather, it identifies several reasons the students do better:

  • They have regular contact with adults from various generations who serve as role models.
  • Their parents are more likely to communicate with their friends’ parents.
  • They develop friendships with peers who have similar norms and values.
  • They’re more likely to participate in extracurricular activities.”

It should come as no surprise to any of us that an intentional focus on building young disciples also has the benefit of building emotionally and mentally healthy young people who are more likely to trade at-risk behavior for community and grades.

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2 Responses to Church and School Grades are Related

  1. Tracy says:

    Please I am trying to contact Logos school of ministry in SC – Dr Curt.

  2. greg ross says:

    Sorry, The LOGOS Ministry is not associated with the LOGOS School of Ministry.

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