Feed My Sheep

Reaching out to kids in need isn’t always easy or convenient, but it is what Jesus expects from us.

I woke up early this morning with “Feed my sheep” the first thing on my mind. I’ve never heard God audibly speak to me, but I had a very strong impression that this was a message directly for the leaders and volunteers across the US and Canada involved in ministry to young people. And so I’m writing to you now.

LOGOS has always said, “Growing up in today’s world is tough!” That was true when we first started it and likely will always be true. It’s not getting any less tough, is it? About a week and a half ago, some of the property where I attend church was vandalized. Two storage sheds were covered with spray-painted graffiti when we arrived to worship on Sunday morning. It was big and it was bold and colorful. We’re talking about a church that is nestled into a quiet neighborhood in a quiet suburb. If it can happen here, it can happen everywhere. And it does…whether we’re talking about graffiti on a church (they hit the Seventh Day Adventist Church across the street too), mall shootings, self-mutilation, anger, frustration, hopelessness…you probably have your own stories of children and youth in your communities….kids in trouble and in need.

Are you ready to help? Have we “girded our loins” to be prepared to welcome the lost sheep in our midst? It’s easy (most of the time) to minister to the “good” kids…isn’t it? I know that my heart soars when I have a group of young people in Bible study who really love to dive into the scripture, who have read it before and love to talk about ways to apply it to their lives. I’m totally guilty of preferring to teach that group. But what about the ones who are angry with God, who have never really seen Christ’s love demonstrated, or have gotten off-track and now no one wants to “deal” with them?

Three times Jesus lays forth the challenge, “Do you love me? Then feed my sheep.” Are we ready to walk with these young people through their very cluttered, foggy, challenging faith journey?


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