Why Youth Go to Church?

I went to interview a group of youth about their involvement in LOGOS and LOGOS Summer Conferences. Listen to this group of teenagers share why they set aside time each week to attend a weekly LOGOS ministry and the week long LOGOS Conference in the summer. They share their excitement about coming together in this relational ministry and what it means to them and their faith. I was completely surprised by the depth of their answers. The real reasons why they gather each week comes through loud and clear. They want relationships, a place to ask questions and seek answers, spiritual growth, an accepting environment, a place to belong and a gathering where they can be themselves and of course it has to be engaging and fun. What a great way to measure our own effectiveness in ministry with youth. It sounds like they are asking that ministry be practical, purposeful and impactful. What also came through loud and clear is that they don’t want to be talked at and they want a lot more than just fluff. Listen to the excitement as they share why they come to church each week.

Why Youth Go to Church Podcast


One Response to Why Youth Go to Church?

  1. suzie says:

    I don’t know the youth I just heard in that podcast, but they sound just like the youth at MY church, who LOVE LOGOS, too! I’m going to share this podcast with them, so they can hear from these youth, and, perhaps, they will get excited about the possibility of going to the LOGOS youth conference. Thanks for sharing!!

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