Mentoring Kids Makes a Difference

The words below are written by a 15 year old girl who wrote this journal in response to her daily devotions.  She has given us permission to share them with you.  It is a good reminder of the way we should approach our life and relationship with God:


You are an over comer. God has destined you and created you to overcome. You have been given the gift of overcoming. For He has already overcome. He has won. He has power over death, and He wants you to live with Him as He lives. He wants you to carry out His image. The image that screams Overcome. Overcome sin, fear, and failure. That doesn’t mean you will always succeed but you will always be able to overcome. You will see who you can be and what you need to do to get you there. It may be as simple as talking to God, spending time with God. But, I promise you that you will overcome whatever it may be that you feel is holding you back, preventing you from starting, or tying you up. It says in John 15 that you are the branches and He is the vine. That means if you remain in Him, you will be an over comer. It is a step by step process to which you can get to this overriding state.  As the dictionary reads “to get the better of in a struggle or conflict; conquer; defeat: to overcome the enemy.” You are destined to overcome to see for yourself who you really are. Remain in Him and you will see Him within yourself. Remain in Him and you will have his attributes. Be cognoscente of the fact that you are His. You have a journey ahead of you. A plan, if you seek Him whole heartedly.  God has an immeasurable amount of love for you. How could we expect the least of it? Don’t think for a second that His best won’t reach you because you are His. You have been chosen as a Child of God, to be used by Him and for Him to do great wonders. You are his Hands and Feet. Overcome. Let go of the fear, the struggle, the pain, and the loss. Overcome. Let go and let God. Let Him work through you. The destiny of overcoming will show the world who God truly is. Live it out. The reason why I think it is your destiny is because of the fact that once you have overcome and become free in His name, you have become usable. God will use you in unfathomable ways to touch you and His fellow children. Overcome. Know that you have peace and love and grace flowing in your direction every day. Overcome. Begin to realize that you can do anything through Christ Jesus who gives you strength (Philippians 4:13). What are you facing today? What can be done about that? Overcome. Overcome with strength, perseverance, goals, and Jesus who supplies all those things. Take that step of faith today and reach out. You will get the better of it. You will defeat the enemy. How do I know? Jesus did. He never gave into sin once. Yet, since we are human we do sin. However, what is holding you back from not making the same mistake over and over again? Whatever gets you day in and day out….Don’t give into it today. Don’t settle your standards for anything less. Don’t think that today will be just an ordinary day with the same troubles. It won’t be. We have no clue what is in store for today. But rather rejoice for the strength that we know we can receive today. Become that over comer today and don’t settle for mediocrity. Don’t settle for mediocrity because we don’t have a God of mediocrity. We have the everlasting God. “Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary.”(Isaiah 41:2). May you not either. May you not grow tired or weary because He will supply your strength. Better yet, He is your strength, your hope, your goal, your desire, your want, your need, your care, your supplier, and your EVERYTHING. You CAN Overcome!

Here at The LOGOS Ministry, we know that ministry with young people, cross-generational relationships and a weekly balanced ministry where young people learn God’s word and then are given the opportunity to live it out truly does make a difference.


One Response to Mentoring Kids Makes a Difference

  1. Curtis says:

    Very inspirational thoughts from this girl. It is a great encouragement.

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