Relationships and Technology

October 26, 2007

How do we build relationships with children and youth in today’s world? A major component of the answer to that question is to be relevant to their world. See our prior blog. In 2005, the Board of Directors of The LOGOS Ministry created the initiative for the ministry to create new ways to be relationship focused while at the same time being technology based. We unveiled it as the High-Touch and High-Tech approach to ministry. Questions were raised and dealt with about the partnership of these two initiatives. How can one focus on relationships while moving to a greater use of technology? Doesn’t technology interfere with relationships? Of course we believe the answer to this latter question is no it doesn’t have to, it actually can build those relationships up. And so that is how we have moved forward in the last two years. A week ago, the 5th largest church in the country, LifeChurch, blogged about the exact same thing. In fact, Craig Groeschel, the lead pastor, put it this way,

Higher Tech and Higher Touch

In my opinion, the church that doesn’t use technology to reach people is missing one of the greatest opportunities of our generation. The church will unquestionably continue to grow in its use of technology.

As the church becomes more high-tech, we should become even more intentional about being high-touch.”

This is exactly the premise we have been working under these last couple of years. It is why we blog, podcast, have training webinars, email updates, video updates and community pages.

Craig goes on to say, “When talking about high-touch relationships, you might think I only mean relating “face-to-face” relationships. Actually, I mean more than that. We can be very high-touch (or very low touch) in relationships using technology.”

So, we continue to look for ways to build our relationships not only through our in-person regional network but also through technology. That is why in the coming year you will continue to see the release of new webinars, more community pages and other ways to stay connected.

Which makes me wonder, how are you using technology to reach your children and youth in ministry? Share your thoughts and ideas that might benefit us all.


Youth, Children and the Church

October 22, 2007

Watch this video post and ask yourselves, what does this mean for the church? What does it mean for the way we offer ministry to youth and to children. What, if anything, does it say to us about the future of our ministry? We want to hear from you!

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