5 Key Actions

August 17, 2007

We help every person involved in LOGOS do five things:

  1. We want it to be social. We want everyone to have friends who follow Christ and be a Christian friend. We focus on relationships for this reason. Friends bring an understanding of belonging and we want everyone to know they belong to the body of Christ.
  2. We want everyone to be involved in serving by answering God’s call and offering their gifts in ministry. Each of us is uniquely gifted and God wants to use our gifts in ministry for and with each other.
  3. We want people to be biblically literate. That is why Bible study is so important to the weekly LOGOS ministry. However, it is more than just knowing the Bible; it is also living it out. In a LOGOS weekly ministry, our two rail design not only provides an arena to learn the Bible but also, through a balanced ministry that includes a meal, recreation and worship, to practice God’s word in our lives with each other.
  4. We want every person to be in right relationships. Relationships with God and with each other, in such a way that they feel comfortable making God a part of their everyday life in all times and places and inviting their friends to church. Relationships are key to who people are as children of God.
  5. We want everyone to worship God. Worship is primary to being created in the image of God. Worship is to the church what breathing is to our bodies. It sustains life and gives energy.

Thinking about these five things, what is most important to you? How well are these five things being lived out in your church? What could be done to make them even stronger?