We Are Called to Mission

June 22, 2007

When selflessly serving others for Christ…everyone benefits.

Listening to God’s call is a good thing…and that’s just one of the important lessons the staff of The LOGOS Ministry learned last week on a mission trip to Youngstown, Ohio. We did some painting and clean-up in an inner-city church that is seeking a new life serving a new constituency in a changing metropolitan area. Amidst the washing & scraping and priming & painting, we climbed up and down ladders and scaffolding (so who’s afraid of heights now?), stepped in paint buckets (yes…full ones), talked a lot, laughed a lot, prayed a lot, and shared meals with some great people. And we encountered God.

While our labors served the needs of others, we were being changed. On the trip we learned or were reminded that:

• Mission is a God thing.
• Servanthood and service to others must guide our attitudes.
• Building relationships with those we serve is key.
• It is good to connect with passionate people; you can build excitement around them to affect others.
• Getting outside of our normal environment and engaging the world around us reminds us that it is not about us at all.
• We can learn more about ministry by serving than through reading books or training people.
• Teamwork is essential to great mission outcomes.
• The full value of mission goes well beyond the work project itself.
• Mission planning and preparation are vitally important steps to allowing us to concentrate on relationships and to be fully present for God.

At LOGOS, we are committed to making mission an integral part of ministry with children…nurturing kids in Christ and then sending them out to be his disciples in a practical and tangible way.

What about your ministry? Are you and the children in your congregation responding to God’s call to serve others?

Visit myspace.com/logosmission to see video blogs, pictures, and comments from the LOGOS staff during our mission trip to Youngstown.


Kids are Important to Dads

June 8, 2007

And dads are important to kids too…

“Men, our children are more important than our work. They are more important than our days on the golf course or hours in front of the television. The legacy we leave is not how much money we earned or what level of status we received. The legacy we leave is our children. Take delight in them. Have joy in them. Laugh with them.”
Thom S. Rainer, from Raising Dad (B & H Publishing, 2007)

As Father’s Day approaches, we are reminded that fathers play a big role in the whole children’s ministry picture. In one-on-one relationships with their kids, as parenting partners with their wives building Christian families, and as links to churches and the body of Christ, fathers have many opportunities and can demonstrate many ways to nurture young disciples of Jesus Christ. In fact, an earlier study by George Barna clearly indicated that a father’s own religious beliefs and habits had a much greater impact on his own children’s faith formation than those of the mother.

So, we need to help fathers see that disciple-maker has to go right along with provider and bread-winner, teacher and role model, disciplinarian, and “kiddie” chauffeur as a primary role for every dad to play. LOGOS argues that this role is really the first among equals – especially in light of the fact that a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the most important thing in our lives…and in the lives of our children. As a result, churches and ministries like LOGOS must step-up and support dads in this critical responsibility. As we prepare to honor fathers on their special day, let’s ask ourselves, “What can we do to help men fulfill their sacred duties as they minister with their children? What information, resources and tools can we provide that will make them successful at this critical task?” Let’s offer a wonderful tribute to fathers by acting on the answers to these questions…and their children will be the beneficiaries…and God will be glorified.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads from LOGOS. May God bless you as you grow His young disciples.