Britney Spears…a Prodigal Daughter?

February 28, 2007

How should we respond to the lives of our “lost” sons and daughters?

A recent article by David Kuo in The Christian Post talks about his multiple contacts with Britney Spears and ponders whether or not she is the prodigal daughter. In the article, Kuo says, “I wonder if she’s looked at the pictures of her onstage kissing Madonna and writhing around on the floor and felt much as the prodigal son felt when he found himself lying in a pig sty. Britney’s sty may be different – more luxe and less slop – but the self-loathing, hopeless destination is the same.”

In Luke 15: 11-32, we see how the son who lived a life full of nothing but earthly pleasures falls into such complete despair and hopelessness that he nervously returns home hoping that he will not be cast out. Instead of being cast out, he finds a rejoicing over the fact that he has left his outrageous behavior behind and is ready to be a part of the family. Kuo puts forth that perhaps Britney has finally become so disgusted with her life that she has changed her looks and checked into rehab so as to go back home to who she once was.

We don’t know how this will all end for Britney Spears. I am sure there are pressures from all sides in her life to be who others want her to be. However, this article by David Kuo reminds me that in the arena of our churches, we are to welcome those prodigals who are coming home and searching for meaning, purpose and belonging. Their behavior might have been outrageous, their looks and actions might indicate self-loathing. But if they are searching for forgiveness and love, are we ready to be the loving parent and offer it to them in the name of Christ? In LOGOS, we believe that as much as it might offend our senses, they still deserve to be treated as children of God and helped along the road to restoration. So what do we do with the prodigals, welcome them or tell them to come back when they are just like us?

Then again, in the eyes of God who isn’t a prodigal?