Marriage and Raising Children

Two important aspects of adult life have become disconnected for many

A post last week on The Clapham Institute’s web site got folks here at LOGOS thinking about marriage and raising children. The article focuses on some painful statistics that indicate an increasing disconnection between raising children and the marriage of mother and father. It also provides some social commentary on the prevalence of this trend. We particularly appreciated author Mike Metzger’s framing of the Biblical foundation for the intended role of these key events in the lives of Christians. Clearly, God’s plan for us includes a monogamous relationship between a man and woman at the center of the child-rearing process.

At LOGOS, we do believe that it takes multiple relationships with caring adults to raise a child effectively (see our post, Raising Kids in a Community), but that does not preclude the presence of a healthy, loving family…including both mother and father. We are troubled that the culture is becoming increasingly desensitized to this growing trend, even to the point of casual acceptance. Let’s not just observe this troubling practice…let’s speak out on the importance of strengthening the link between marriage and raising children for the benefit of kids.

A ministry with children will be more likely to be successful if it is built upon a child’s solid family life.


5 Responses to Marriage and Raising Children

  1. greg says:

    I’m not sure we want “P.Diddy” or his actions to be representative of key trends in our society. How can we turn this around and reclaim the culture?

  2. Lynn says:

    As the mother of boys, it’s particularly obvious to me that women and men parent differently…and that’s a good thing! In a divorce situation, I think it’s critical for the kids to have an involved, committed “other-sex” person (like a grandfather/uncle…grandmother/aunt) in close relationship. Boyfriends and girlfriends that move in and out of the parent’s life (and therefore the children’s lives) don’t count!

  3. demon23 says:

    P.Diddy ? I do not think that is even the beginning of your problems Christian friends. (I am a supportive of all religions and yet take no path)

    Drugs are a big one to be afraid of, sex is another, and music and clothing for a teen is not nearly as dangerous as their classmate selling meth.

    Look at your kid when they get home today and look right at them real quick and say “do you know who sells drugs at your school” they may look at you for a second shocked, but will turn away and say “no” the point is, there are far worse things then music.

    Corruption is held by adults or do you forget that guy that spouts “anti-gay stuff” then sleeps with some gay street walkers and has some meth, because if your going to sin… why not jump right in head first.

    So if we expect our children to be “good” children then we probably (meaning parents of that child) need to practice what they preach.

    How often do children getting yelled at because they remind their parent to say “f***” is bad.

    How often do we tell our children to drive well, only for them to see how bad you drive, and then you pass it off as I only went 5 miles over…

    When do Christians forget (hopefully not you guys) the 1st commandment… often. “Burn or turn f*****” kids see that. My personal favorite “You murderers” holding up an aborted baby in a picture… (if men could get pregnant, abortion would be on demand) and lets not forget about 1,500 hundred children that die of starvation and neglect.

    Yet lets not focus on that, lets focus on gay marriage, because that is a real issue. Gay people that get married are destroying these 1500 unwanted children… that must be it.

    or abortion… instead, I believe parents should be parents… if you want your child to be raised in a special way… lets say away from the evil of P. Diddy (I understand I hate his music too) then make the move to the bible belt.

    Hey… you guys really made me want to write a lot. Please stop by… come tomorrow I will have a post on this. I have Christian readers, I will throw them your way. They will probably dig this site. Rock on Jesus’s path walkers.

  4. TM says:

    demon23, you are pointing to one of the greatest issues of the day in our society- that of hypocrisy. It is prevalent in all areas of life from politicians to families, from churches to individuals. There is no doubt that we say one thing and do another. It is called sin. Jesus pointed to it in his day, the Apostle Paul wrestled with it in his and it has been around since the beginning of humanity. However, that is the purpose of following Jesus- to help put us on a path away from this and other sinful elements of our nature. By becoming a Christian or going to church we are not automatically changed so that this behavior is eliminated but only through the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit will we ever be able to battle our human nature. Can Christians be hypocrites? Yes, just like everyone else because we are sinful humans. Professing Jesus as Lord doesn’t make a Christian perfect, only saved. What a great world it would be without hypocrisy! But since it is here, we can only try to help each other understand the problems it creates and work together on a new path of following Jesus.

  5. demon23 says:

    I was a bit snotty. Sorry about that. You guy, seem to be a rather moderate Christian, you guys keep popping up, I have to say (no joke) that you impress me. Christians who say “we are no better then anyone else” gets my vote. Here are some of your fellow Christian’s websites, I think they would like this place.

    Diana’s blog

    Sharla (she has the kindness thing going for her)

    Donna is a doll

    We all want the same for kids… for them to have a better life. Our path maybe different but the destination is the same.

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