Girls Should Not be “Gone Wild”

Are kids being too sexualized by an uncaring society?

We recently read a New York Times article about young middle school girls performing at a school-sanctioned talent show…as if they were in a music video. link Not just lip-synching to a pop tune, but gyrating and grinding in an eroticized choreography that belied their young age – or did it? The scene apparently made some in the audience want to cry out, “Does your mother know you’re wearing that skimpy outfit and doing that?” Sadly, the answer was actually quite obvious…their parents were in the approving audience and are part of a culture that has come to expect such things from girls today.

At LOGOS we ask, “Who’s teaching our children their values, and are these the behavioral norms that kids should conform to?” Parents and adults with the responsibility to develop children must wake up to the shocking realities that their actions today will likely create in the future…young adults with an unhealthy sense of morality and propriety. This is hardly the stuff of a positive, productive approach to nurturing the Children of God into His disciples.

The early church influenced the culture and shaped the morals of the people. Today the church cannot become disconnected from that role. We must intentionally work to reverse this trend toward the society advocating “anything goes” if we are to build a community based on the kingdom of God and develop young Christians as life-long disciples.


6 Responses to Girls Should Not be “Gone Wild”

  1. greg says:

    How confusing it must seem for these kids if adults and their parents are condoning this kind of behavior yet it is so far from what God intends for them.

  2. JadedCM says:

    Excellent post. So true!!

  3. demon23 says:

    Some Questions

    What if they are not Christian, what if they do not believe what they are doing is wrong?

    Would it be wrong to force them to stop?

    What if they do not believe your bible is true, what if they consider it false?

    My opinion:

    I believe that parenting is a key element, I believe being supportive and respectful and having open communication with your children is the nuclear missile needed to hit the intended target.

    I have some solutions and things that I have found worked for me:

    My little boy – Kacey said this one day, he is 6 “I want to listen to adult music” at first I did not really pay much mind to it. We listened to kid music a lot, me and Jess just got used to it and it was fine. However the little dude really wanted to come into our world. So I set out with a daunting task, how to expose him safely to an adult environment without “grinding” or saying “my bitches and hoes”

    I have over 13 gigs of music on my office computer and over 8 at home. So I listened to tracks and albums before making my choice. I made him several CD’s that he can listen to in the car. A few songs have one “bad” word that does not repeat, but the content is rather harmless.

    We also watch TV with him. He loves Avatar last air bender. It is on Nick and it is a good show. I also watch him while he plays his V-smile for 10 minutes each night, if he behaved well through out the day (making learning a reward and not a burden). Support him and tell him what a good job he is doing.

    Why I do expose him to the world of adults?

    He sees it anyways, if I do not explain it to him, then some one else will and they will not influence him the way I would wish.

    I see the female gender struggle during their teen years more then boys (maybe my own skewed perception) but magazines, TV, Music, boys. All expect a female to be “sexualized” because that is what adults males want (or so they think). If your daughter dresses all primp and proper then she is a nerdish girl and kids could make fun of her, if she dresses as a slu** then she is stereotyped and acts accordingly.

    So expose children to the adult world (little by little and no I am not talking about the back room at your local movie rental place), because if it(adult world) is hidden from them, just like a gun in daddy’s closet they are going to find it. Just like Daddy’s gun, there is a danger in pop culture.

    Tell your daughter she is beautiful, tell her you love her, dads don’t stop hugging your daughter once they hit puberty. They need love and if it is not provided then they will seek it out in more adverse ways.

    Girls Gone Wild –

    A man at home is watching a newly acquired dvd that only cost him 10.99 plus shipping and tax. He is alone, he is excited… he sees his own daughter on the video, suddenly he is not so excited. Irony any one?

    Moral: Treat on to others (all these girls are some ones daughter)

    One final note (thanks for letting me rant guys) I agree with you about Girls should not be going wild like that. You guys keep making my head spin, good post.

  4. greg says:

    You said something very important here…you, as Kacey’s father, are closely engaged with his activities and are involved in his introduction to “the adult life.” You are actively making judgments on his behalf – that is really parenting.

    When parents condone their 12 year-old daughters “looking and acting” like adult women doing things that are at the very least questionable, where can these girls go from there? When those parents guide them further down the road toward adulthood, where is the destination they are aiming toward? Seems a little scary to me.

    Hey Demon…when a blog can “make your head spin” that’s when it’s doing it’s job.

  5. demon23 says:

    Hey Demon…when a blog can “make your head spin” that’s when it’s doing it’s job.

    Yeah that maybe… my blog does not do that… hmmm. Wait it does… with bad grammar and sentence construction.

  6. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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